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What Makes LBBIS Unique?

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is one of the best! We carefully follow the National Curriculum of England and the Cambridge University curriculum in particular. Be rest assured your children, our students are getting the best education at a world-class level.

Our Teachers

Teachers at BBS are carefully selected to meet the requirements of the LEMS selection criteria. Our diverse multi-cultured teachers from around the world make our school more international than ever. Hence, the 'Bahlool British International Schools'.

Transfer to UK

As a LEMS school, our Bahlool students can participate in the 'Student Transfer' Scheme with one of our schools in the UK. Students can gain valuable experience, improve their English linguistic skills and make new international friends.

Quality Furniture 

Our campus's new school furniture is fully supplied by the famous German firm, VS. The furniture is manufactured to the highest standards and has received the GS mark, an official certificate for tested safety according to German guidelines.


We welcome families and students from every stage of their education to be a part of our learning community. Our dedicated admissions team will ensure a smooth and easy admissions process for you as per your requirements.

For online applications, simply click on the link HERE, fill in the application, pay the fees and you will receive a confirmation email containing your Application Number. Your Application Number will be your reference point for all further admissions-related communication with our school.

Please note: If your admissions application is not successful due to a rejection by the school then the registration fee will be refunded to you.

How to Apply

You can apply to the LEMS Bahlool British School either by;


  • Visiting our school campus in Masbah, Baghdad located here (link)

  • Complete the admissions form online through the admissions portal by clicking here (link)

The admissions process to accepting a pupil is outlined the 'Admission Process' (LINK) page.


Our tuition fees are inline with the great educational quality and experience we ​provide our students. Our experienced international teachers define our global school and this maintains our competitiveness and keeps us at the forefront in the Iraqi educational community.

Learn more about our tuition fees and all other applicable school fees by clicking the link below.

  • When will the school open?
    The school will open in September 2021.
  • What does LBBS stand for?
    LBBS - LEMS Bahlool British School In admiration and respect to the accomplishments and achievements of the school chairman's father, the school has been named in tribute to him, 'Bahlool British International School'. LEMS is the school manager responsible for the school's academic operations. LEMS is a British educational organisation based in a number of Middle Eastern countries.
  • What curriculum does LBBS follow?
    LBBS follows the British curriculum and the Cambridge University (UK) curriculim in particular. However, Arabic, Islamic & Social Studies subjects follow the Iraqi national curriculum as required by the Ministry of Education.
  • From what age does LBBS accept pupils from?
    LBBS currently accepts pupils from 3 years old till 11 years old (FS1 - Year 6).
  • How does LBBS makes sure their pupils are safe?
    At LBBS, our campus is gated and we make effective use of the 'Student Tracking System', after parents approval to make sure our pupils are always safe and are found wherever they are around the campus.
  • Is it BBS, LBBS, or LBBIS?"
    BBS - Bahlool British School LBBS - LEMS Bahlool British School LBBIS - LEMS Bahlool British International School As the school started to get known and gain fame, its acronym and name has been altered many times. All the above acronyms with their meanings point the Bahlool British School - A pride of Iraqi & British cultures and awareness under one roof.
  • A British education at the Bahlool British School?
    At the Bahlool British School, we are proud to follow both the British educational curriculum (Hodder's Education - Cambridge) and the National Curriculum of Iraq in regards to Arabic and Islamic Studies. We provide a truly British education, different than other 'British' schools in Baghdad. We pride in our Cambridge qualified teachers recruited from many parts of the world, including the United Kingdom. Many of our books are produced by one of the best Cambridge publishers (Hodder's Education) and follow the same curriculum as the schools in the United Kingdom.
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