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At the Bahlool British International Schools, our mission fully aligns with our vision.

Our Statement:


To be a growing school group of excellence, preparing students to be successful in life and higher education, whilst preserving Iraqi values through a combination of National and International education programmes.


Bahlool British International Schools was founded upon the notion that every child matters, every child deserves an opportunity and every child can, and should, with the right provision and inspiration, will become empowered to be the very best they can be through quality education.


Working in partnership with parents, students, teachers, local and international authorities and the wider teaching and learning community. The Bahlool British International Schools is committed to becoming an outstanding, safe and secure provider of education from FS-Y13 that will empower our students to be tomorrow's leaders.


  • To Inspire

  • To Empower

  • To Challenge


We at the Bahlool British International Schools firmly believe the quality of an individual stems from what they believe, how they think and what they do (actions). With that in mind, here are our core values that greatly incorporate many other powerful principals that help to determine we are on the right path to be successful.

Integrity, Respect, Diversity, Opportunity, Confidence, Growth, Teamwork, Leadership, Passion, Open-Minded, Wisdom, Drive, Creativity and Humility.

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